The Basic Structure of a Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay Structure

What comprises a well-written narrative essay? What is the narrative essay structure? A narrative essay is basically a narrative composition written in the first person, which essay narrates the experiences of a certain person. The narrative essay tells a story. It can tell of one’s difficulties and surprises encountered in life and these experience are important or meaningful to the person.

A narrative essay may be based on imagination or it may be. The narrative essay may also describe how a particular event can change a significant part of one’s life and how the person may have reacted to that particular change. While a good narrative should be an amusing and enjoyable story, it also should have an idea to pass on and a point to make.

The narrative essay structure makes it easy for the writer to organize his or her ideas in a fun and inspirational manner. The structure of the narrative essay should also allow the writer to interject his or lesson in the story. Some features of the narrative essay are included below:

  • The narrative essay must have an introductory statement that indicates clearly what kind of essay it is (an observation, a personal experience, or a recurring event or activity). The essay should also conclude with statements that make a point.
  • The narrative essay must also have anecdotes and the author must describe the event, scene, or person in a detailed manner. It is alright for the writer to include dialogue as long as the writer knows how to properly punctuate dialogue and that the author should use dialogue sparingly.
  • The person or occasion described should be suggestive in that the writer’s thoughts and description compel the reader to reflect on the writer’s personal experience.
  • The basic rule of the narrative essay is always to write in the first person. One’s use of the letter “I” is an invitation to readers to an intimate event.
  • The writing manner of the narrative essay has to show some style and be lively. The writer must be able to describe events and ideas in different and new ways. The writer must also avoid using clichés. The important thing is to get the story across, organize it, and during the editing process, work on the choice of words.

The narrative essay is truly an enjoyable piece for the writer to work on. For the reader, the narrative essay is also entertaining as long as the writer does it properly. That is why the right narrative essay structure must be followed by the writer in order to properly combine his or her personal ideas, narration of a personal event, addition of dialogue, and handing out a lesson.

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